Asudb Reflecting Hoya 3952 R x 3 rectangular frame clear

Asudb Reflecting Hoya 3952 R x 3 rectangular frame clear


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TAG Heuer 3952-reflective glass provides a worthy challenge: slipping glasses are not violent activities. A brilliant idea: straight temples with gentle pressure to keep that position. Rubber weapons and presentation lens reflex TAG Heuer 3952 TAG 3 acetate frames have rubber arms and ultra-lightweight frame. With the TAG Heuer glasses reflex is more than stand the test of time, advanced features and materials, TAG done by the thousands. , Using only the highest quality materials selected according to strict standards, rigorous selection process to ensure that every frame of robustness, and reliability. TAG Heuer avant-garde materials using reflective glasses provide unparalleled ergonomics and comfort. Advanced composite materials and the highest standards of Swiss watchmaking, such as stainless steel 316L borrow, encouraging greater comfort and operational efficiency of innovative design solutions. Combined with high-tech materials, integrated design and superb ergonomics Chengxue Hao Ya glasses reflection gives the wearer unrivaled comfort and style. With the extensive use of titanium, elastomers, acetic acid and highly engineered hinge and pricing labels elegant glasses has a special quality. Specifications: * /: TAG Heuer * Design Collection: reflection 3.
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